Stop illegal immigrants

How to Stop Illegal Immigrants

Why is there a need to stop illegal immigrants?

There is an increasing need to stop illegal immigrants now, as illegal immigration has turned into a massive problem in the U.S.  An illegal immigrant, referred to as an alien or a non-citizen, is a person who has entered the country or overstayed beyond the termination date of a visa without proper documents and permission from the government.  There are millions of illegal aliens coming from different parts of the world estimated in the country.  This imposes an increase of threat to the country’s resources.

stop illegal immigrants

stop illegal immigrants

Illegal immigration is a crime and is punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment.  To help pacify this issue, there are regulations implemented by the government on how to stop illegal immigrants.  Although there are implementations, the problem still exists and getting worse for there are holes in the system which are carried out by numerous situations.

The procedures of inspecting, investigating and detention, and deportation must be strengthened and must be progressive on how to stop illegal immigrants.  But there are factors to consider to the growth of this issue.  Federation for American Immigration Reform proposes steps to improve the system.  Their main concern is to upgrade the system with its procedures.  The feel of discouragement is also an effective way to prevent illegal aliens from growing in the country.  Imposing of larger fines and penalties can be a factor.  Illegal aliens, who are guilty of no-shows, make frivolous asylum applications must be barred from later immigration.  Bar re-entry to any illegal aliens receiving a five year prison sentence. 

Steps on How to Stop Illegal Immigrants

The existing programs are effective but must be expanded to better solutions on this issue.  Border Patrol is one effective program by the system.  But the need of additional personnel is necessary to extend their posts as they inspect and investigate immigrants.  Improvement on equipments and highway checkpoints must also be taken into consideration.  Canine program can also be considered as an essential factor on how to stop illegal immigrants. 

The coordination between intelligence agencies and border agencies must also be improved.  Extensive training programs for inspectors, intelligence officers and investigators must be dedicated.  Proper delegations of manpower for illegal immigration agencies are essential.  Temporary employees must be reduced, and increase the permanent staff is necessary to pressure illegal immigrants to go back to their homeland.   When they no longer have any means of living in the United States, they will feel the pressure and they will have no other choice but to go home.  In addition to the pressure, there is also a need to enforce stricter rules and vigilance so the country should be able to stop illegal immigrants from committing crimes like robbery and burglary. 

Another way to stop illegal immigrants is to come up with a law that would be implemented strictly and solely for the welfare of these illegal immigrants.  The government should come up with more effective plans on legalizing these illegal immigrants.  When there are more effective plans, foreign nationals would be more amenable to being legalized and eventually stop illegal immigrants.

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